Who We Are



London's House Detective


Jamie Burnhope is London's House Detective. There are many attributes that contribute to Jamie being the quintessential London property professional. Let's start with the fact that over the course of his 12 years in this business he has literally bought and sold properties in every corner of this great city. His encyclopedic knowledge of London will be a critical success factor in your property search.


Jamie is able to walk through a property, succinctly sum up its position in the market and nail whether it meets your requirements. His love of property shines through his incisive ability to see opportunities and angles that others simply don’t see. Once he has your brief, he won’t rest ‘til he's found you that one property that he considers to be ‘best-in-class’.


Jamie has built up an extensive network of contacts throughout the property industry that he will turn to your advantage. He will open up opportunities for you that are invisible to the retail market. Of course, having negotiated hundreds of property deals, he will get you the best deal to be done!

Portfolio Manager


Terry Stephens, company founder, has a wealth of experience in strategic consulting and portfolio management. Whilst based in Asia, he bought a property in London and takes up the story. “I had successfully bought and sold property in Australia and, naively, thought I had the experience to buy in London. But you simply can’t replicate local knowledge and expertise.”


“From this experience, I constructed a blueprint for guiding the customer on a journey from the point of initial enquiry through to collecting the keys to their new London home. I am very confident that the people we have chosen to partner with share my obsession for winning for the customer.”


“But the buck stops with me in making sure that you feel fully supported on your London property journey. Because buying a new home isn’t just a significant financial investment. It is also a major emotional decision. I would love to hear from you.”


Alexander Hall – Mortgage Broker


Alexander Hall has an enviable track record going back over 25 years helping customers find their ideal mortgage.  Their success model is built upon a philosophy of relationships: the ones that employees share with each other, with their friends and families and the relationships they have with their clients. At the Legal & General Mortgage Club Awards 2020 they were awarded ‘Best Firm for Overall Quality’ (26-75 advisers) and ‘Best Broker Firm for Buy to Let’.


Alexander Hall is well placed to find the best offshore mortgage for you. They have a wealth of experience dealing with international mortgages and relationships with a number of offshore lenders and private banks with offshore operations.


PCB Lawyers LLP - Property Conveyancing


PCB Lawyers LLP (“PCB”) has a comprehensive knowledge of the UK property market spanning almost 40 years. They have proven expertise in all areas of property law and the requisite experience to successfully guide you through your transaction. Their personal attention to detail and prompt, efficient service makes the legal process of buying property as painless and straightforward as possible.


Through its 40-year history PCB has developed an in-depth understanding of the needs of property buyers and investors, both in the UK and internationally, with a specific focus on Asia-Pacific. Their global network of lawyers and insights into your specific requirements ensure that your needs are comprehensively met. They understand that buying property offshore can be a daunting experience so they place a premium on prompt, effective communication.


Touchstone – Property Manager


Touchstone has been delivering specialist management for rented homes for over 30 years. They currently manage in excess of 16,000 homes and collect £200m in rents annually. They partner with landlords and investors across the spectrum of the private rented sector ranging from individual landlords through to corporate institutional investors.  


Touchstone has developed services to manage properties across the private rented sector, acting for their clients as a single, professional property manager. As more and more people rely upon the private rented market to provide a home, the sector is changing and developing. Touchstone is at the forefront of this change, creating the very best experience of renting for their customers.


Warrener Stewart – Accounting and Tax Advisor


Warrener Stewart is an expert team of experienced chartered accountants, chartered tax advisors and registered auditors. They provide expert advice and support to private clients and their businesses helping them to achieve their financial goals.


Most international inbound individuals coming to the UK benefit from special tax advantages not available to UK residents. Warrener Stewart can assist with inbound tax services and will address the key questions that all international individuals face. These relate to income/gains taxable in the UK, the requirement to file a tax return and important deadline dates. It is critically important for individuals to structure their tax affairs correctly from the outset – ideally before they come to the UK or purchase assets including property.


Pineapple Interiors – Project Manager & Interior Designer


Pineapple Interiors is a London based interior design studio that opposes the typical ‘one size fits all’ approach. Their design options range from the stunning traditional to the sleek contemporary reflecting London's architectural diversity. Pineapple's service scope encompasses property furnishing, interior and specialist kitchen/bathroom design and renovation project management.


The team at Pineapple has a wealth of experience concerning property development and construction. They are able to take a project from the initial design and tender stages right through the build phase. They benefit from a wide range of contacts and utilize their extensive range of trade only suppliers to squeeze every drop of value out of the available budget.