Living in London


London is one of the world’s truly great cities. Steeped in history, its architecture conjures up images of life in Victorian times and earlier. From a thriving trading port, it is now a global financial center and technology hub attracting residents from every corner of the globe. World class universities, a vibrant arts scene and culinary delights abound.


Migrating to London is a process that should be well planned. Where you choose to live impacts upon your children’s education, access to employment and your day-to-day lifestyle. And, of course, on your financial wellbeing.


In this series ‘Living in London’ we will provide you with insights into life in the national capital. About where to live, its attractions, getting around and how to get the most out of living in this wonderful city. At UK Holmes, we are delighted to share with you our knowledge of and love for this thriving, multicultural metropolis that we are proud to call home.