We know that buying a property in London is a big decision. If you’re relocating to London there's a lot to consider, particularly if you have children. For investors, the decision is no less important in thinking about key financial metrics and the future market direction. To help you make the right decision on selecting a partner to guide you through every step of your London property journey we have identified 10 common questions you may have.

We know that it's likely that you have successfully bought your own home in Hong Kong. We respect that. But here are the four core reasons we believe that you will profit from using our services:

  • We know London inside out. The difference between an excellent and an average property investment isn’t necessarily a matter of choosing the ‘right’ borough. It can come down to choosing between two properties on opposite sides of the same street. Online property search engines can’t replicate our local knowledge and experience.
  • We find you that one property that is ‘best-in-class’. This starts with a rigorous Discovery process to understand the full extent of your needs. Our Search process provides you with access to ‘off-market’ opportunities that retail buyers typically miss out on. We’re not satisfied until you are.
  • We get you the best deal to be done. We start from a base of understanding a property's true market value, as distinct from its asking price. We make it our business to understand the seller's motivation, the backstory to how motivated the seller is. Then we objectively execute on our agreed negotiation strategy.
  • We see the big picture. We know that successfully executing upon the property search and negotiation are the core pieces to landing your ideal London property. Equally we know that getting the right tax, legal and mortgage advice are critical components of the deal. From A to Z, we’re with you every step of the way.


We help our clients buy property across London’s 12 inner and 20 outer boroughs. Remember, we act exclusively in the interests of you, the property buyer. So, our focus is on finding you the home that best aligns with your needs and interests, wherever in London that may be.

Yes, absolutely. We understand that if you’re not familiar with London the process of identifying which area you should be looking at is daunting. During our Discovery process we will identify the full scope of your requirements to determine which area(s) are likely to be of interest to you.

No, we know from experience that each customer has a unique profile. Broadly speaking, we know that Hongkongers moving to London have three main considerations: finding employment, a school for their children and a home to live. These, and other factors including neighbourhood safety and cultural issues, need to be prioritised and aligned to find you the right home.

We are remunerated by our clients in the form of a non-refundable deposit and a success fee upon completion of the property search. This is clearly specified in the Agreement we provide prior to you engaging our services. We may also earn a referral fee from our Turnkey Solutions providers which we disclose upfront. We are not remunerated in any form by estate-agents or property developers.

No, you are under no obligation to use these providers. We have chosen to include this panel of subject matter experts because we know that their skillsets are integral to a successful property purchase. But whether you use our Turnkey Solutions providers or ones sourced by yourself we will coordinate proceedings to provide you with the best outcome.

It is difficult to answer this precisely because every client's requirements are unique and property supply varies. It is possible that we could find your ideal property within a matter of days but more likely that the search will take several weeks or even months. Throughout, we will keep you fully informed of progress so that you can make any required adjustments in the search parameters.

The first important milestone once a bid has been accepted is exchange of contracts, at which time the sale becomes legally binding. In the first quarter of 2021 this was taking over four months on average in London. This is why it is critically important to engage the services of a mortgage broker, taxation accountant and property solicitor early in the search process to avoid unnecessary delays.

The information you provide us in the Discovery phase and in subsequent discussions is used for one purpose only: to complete our understanding of your London property needs. We store this data securely for the minimum required period consistent with the terms of our Privacy Policy. If you confirm that you wish to talk to any of our Turnkey Solution providers, we only advise them of your name and contact details. We fully respect your privacy.

Regardless of whether you are a property investor or looking to live in your new home, we would strongly encourage you to come to London for the final property viewings. With the aid of modern technology, there is no reason the preliminary work leading up to that point can’t be managed remotely. But when it comes time to do the final review of properties on your short list, we believe it is critical that you do this in person accompanied by London's House Detective.

We hope this information has been useful. If you have any other questions, we would love to hear from you at info@ukholmes.com. Thanks.